I used to think environmentalists were about knitting yoghurt and that it was all too much for my little brain. Being a Gemini, and thus a swingy extreme all-or-nothing kind of gal, I always looked at all eco-friendly considerations as too much effort, I mean if you took it seriously you had to go the whole hog (yes being a Gemini has held me back in many ways) and that was unthinkable.

Since then, and several dalliances with vegetarianism, veganism and cloth nappies later, I realise I was wrong. Nowadays none of us can afford to be complacent about our world. We all need to do anything and everything we can to get things back on track.

And anyway, I’ve lost confidence in those who decide, because they don’t know nothing. So I have ordered myself a book on knitting yoghurt and will be reluctantly dipping into the worlds of zero-waste, permaculture, slow living and any other completely common-sense system that has been given a new name to increase its visibility.

I am British, trilingual with two young scallywags a-dragging along side me. And the husband. After meeting in SW France we spent 8 years in Berlin where we brought the kiddlups into the world and now we’re going back to the depths of deep beyond to rediscover a connection with nature, for us and our kids.