Fairtrade, vegan and fashionable…um where’s the catch?!


The big news on the street is-at least in Germany-there are plenty of brands now offering fairtrade, vegan, sustainable clothes and shoes that don’t break the bank and that also happen to be the kind of thing you would likely buy anyway. I recently discovered this company on Facebook and have just taken advantage of their stock clearance sale and bagged myself a pair of these beauties for 50% off!! That’s less than 40€ people.

This is what I mean. I have this idea in my head that “eco” means super expensive and vegan shoes look like orthopaedic versions of what I would normally wear. But no, the times they are a-changing. Not that I am in principle against paying more for well-produced sustainable clothing and shoes but within reason.

I also recently discovered a fantastic organic sustainable clothing brand for boys:


It’s something which has troubled me a lot. Not from the perspective of putting chemicals next to my skin but from the perspective that we know clothes and shoes are often not produced under conditions which most humans would find acceptable.

As a part of our move I am getting rid of lots of stuff meaning I will have even less clothes than I do now (which isn’t really a lot). Surely that makes it super easy to take on the challenge of only buying second-hand or sustainable from now on, or buying fairtrade material and making it myself. At least for me, and then I can ease the husband and children in gently 🙂 It’s definitely a start and also continues with my ongoing challenge for 2017 of not being quite so all or nothing as my Gemini tendencies would encourage me to be.


Little steps.



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