Guilty secret….

I am a serial blog abandonner. One who repeatedly starts new blogs and then does them for a while and then just doesn’t. You can see evidence of this here and here and there is another one that I can’t even remember the name of -egal-! Blog-bigamy. Somehow, as a creative ideas person, I am more drawn to the virginal possibility of a potential new thing than the regular tending of keeping up with a blog. Well there has to be a first time for everything. So I’ll try and do better at this one and document what we are getting up to.

If you want an example of someone who writes a good blog, regularly, like clockwork, see here. This week I only knew it was Monday because I saw her blog posting on Facebook. Hannah you will be my inspiration.

For now, don’t judge me if these posts aren’t very regular. We aren’t moving for 5 weeks. In those 5 weeks I have to finish editing a book, pack up my whole flat, feed and clothe my children and all the other stuff and say goodbye to a whole lot of besties. But from then on I’ll be regular, not quite clock-esque but perhaps more like a weighted pendulum where the string is shortened and relengthened at random.


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